Production Update June 12, 2017

Production Update June 12, 2017

Sorry it's been a while since our last update BUT turns out launching an electrical product on a global scale is quite complicated, especially a lamp with a unique switch/bespoke mechanism like Drew.

The testing has tested us and our purses however we are determined to see Drew through and ensure he ticks all the boxes for our customers around the world. All of the Electrical testing is now complete and the unexpected/pricey Chemical testing is still in progress (required for our EU friends).

While we've had a few little surprises/challenges leading to delays, we have also been pushing back on our industrial design team as we had different opinions on what was acceptable and what was not in terms of quality control. For us, achieving the highest quality finishes of the completed lamps is critical. This has come at a financial cost (as we've had to add another step in the production process) but we are determined to make the best lamp we possibly can YEAH :) We have done are are doing everything in our power to make this happen.

BUT WHEN WILL I GET MY DREW we hear you ask! We know you're bursting to welcome him into your life and we want nothing more than to make that happen but we are at the mercy of our industrial design/manufacturing team to finish the testing, start the pilot run, then complete production (if all goes well during the pilot run) and deliver to our logistics team. They are saying this will happen in July. They previously said June but the Chemical testing has pushed out their timings *SIGH*.

The best news is that we are on the home stretch YIPPEE! The other great news is that all of the Giant HB Lamps are on their way to their new homes now and quite a few have already arrived YAY...



And here's a pic of Drew's twisting switch/dimmer being tested... On and off 10,000 times we're told!

While Michael was living it large in London (6ft Giant HB Pencil Lamp large that is!) the sun was shining but sadly he didn't get much time to enjoy the fab weather as making 19 Giant HB Pencil Lamp Boxes from scratch and assembling 19 Lamps solo is a BIG job. GOOD WORK M :) Check out his pictures documenting his trip below.

A big shout out to all our amazing artisans who skillfully craft the components that go into creating our original pencil inspired lamps. It's been nearly two years since we last released a batch and it was quite nostalgic for M to be back where the very first Pencil Lamp was created which then led to the birth of Drew.

Thanks for your ongoing support,
George (and Michael)

In the air on the way to London.

Blackhorse Workshop E17 (East 17 the boyband is named after this very postcode).

Solid cedar giant pencils. Hand sharpened on a giant disc sander.

Michael builds all the pencil boxes from scratch.

Michael wired nearly 200m of cable!

All gold foil type is carefully applied by hand.

Hand spun brass rings and opal glass eraser

A rare moment enjoying the weather inbetween pencil madness.